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Executive Director

Career Details

Full-Time Main Office Posted on 4/13/2022

The Executive Director shall be the chief Association staff person responsible for the leadership, management, and direction of all operations, programs, activities, and affairs of the Coalition. The Executive Director reports to the President.

Membership and Membership Services

  • Shall be responsible for the recruitment, orientation, and renewal of members of the Coalition.
  • Shall be responsible for the organizing and leading an annual meeting for all members of the Coalition.
  • Shall on a regular basis (minimum monthly) report the issues, projects and progress to the members of the Coalition in the most efficient means available. Provide for special communications to the members as needed.
  • Shall, through NCART, establish educational opportunities for RTC's, their operational staff and clinicians providing services.

Industry Relations

  • Shall establish and maintain positive cooperative relationships with related organizations; establish and maintain positive relations with government agencies, congressional and other entities whose function impacts the Coalition's mission.
  • Shall be an effective leader of the coalition, able to attract the relevant diverse interests of other industry and rehab "stakeholders" and, when appropriate, integrate those interests to those of the Coalition.
  • Shall coordinate press relations and act as the Coalition's spokesperson when appropriate.

Regulatory and Legislative Agenda

  • Shall establish and maintain relationships with appropriate staff at CMS, DMERCs and SADMERC.
  • Shall effectively communicate with members of Congress and government agencies (e.g. GAO, OMB, OIG) as necessary to advance the agenda of NCART.
  • Shall coordinate the work of each working committee keeping focus on the annual work plan approved by the Board.


  • Shall be an effective oral and written communicator, skilled in public speaking.
  • Shall possess basic computer skills.

Specific Duties:  The Executive Director is the Chief Operating Officer of the Coalition and is responsible for all elements of its operations. The specific duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Assures that the Chairman and Board are kept fully informed on the conditions and operations of the Coalition.
  2. Directs and coordinates all approved programs, projects, and major activities identified by the Board of Directors (within budget); makes recommendations on new activities, programs, or projects for consideration of the Coalition.
  3. Facilitates the development of a long-range vision, mission, and strategic plan in cooperation with the Board of Directors and others. Is responsible for formulating and recommending basic policies and programs, including financial and budget programs for approval of the board, within the budget of NCART and any additional funds raised by Coalition members.
  4. Manages the recruitment, placement and support of volunteer leaders, ensuring a climate conducive to high levels of achievement and the accomplishment of the Coalition's strategic initiatives.
  5. Provides personally or by staff assignment, necessary staff liaison to the President and CEO and Committee Chairs.
  6. Other duties as may be assigned.